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7/7/06 - Dreamers dreaming in digital no more. GWN:G dies, but from the ashes comes GWNy. Comming sooooooooooooon, help wanted.6/20/06 Twenty Two years ago today, an angel descended from heaven to land on the Earth. Six years ago I was blessed to know her, and ever since I have been in paradise. I love you darling, and I will forever. ^_^

6/08/06 - Riots have erupted in major cities around Midgard over the accidental killings of protesters during a civil demonstration. Eudoran loyalists have emerged and are actively combatting occupation forces. Those involved should look in the Asgard forum.
Okay, I didn't mean just look. I meant POST. You want stuff to happen. You have to be part of it. Get off your ass. -- Neo

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